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Vacuum Pumps
Rocker Vacuum Pump
Rocker is a piston powered and oil-free vacuum pump. It contains a moisture trap/vacuum regulator and is compact, light, with aluminium die-cast construction. Rocker is not only suitable for liquid filtration but also perfect for stack or ambient gas sampling. Not chemical resistant.

Cat# Product Max Vacuum Max Flow
7010 Rocker 300 -650 mm Hg 17 LPM
7011 Rocker 400 -650 mm Hg 34 LPM
7012 Rocker 600 -650 mm Hg 58 LPM
7013 Rocker 410 -750 mm Hg 19 LPM
7014 Rocker 610 -750 mm Hg 33 LPM
7015 Rocker 300 DC -650 mm Hg 24 LPM

Rocker Vacuum Pump

Chemker Vacuum Pump
Rocker is a diaphragm type and oil-free vacuum pump. It is compact, light, with all wettable parts of Teflon. Chemker is suitable for Rotary Evaporators, Gel Drying and other laboratory vacuum applications.

Cat# Product Max Pressure Max Flow
7016 Chemker 300 -600 mm Hg 22 LPM
7017 Chemker 400 -600 mm Hg 34 LPM
7018 Chemker 410 -750 mm Hg 25 LPM

Chemker Vacuum Pump

Hand Operated Vacuum Pump
Tarsons. Material: PVC.
Durable vacuum pump attains and holds a vacuum of 25" of Hg. Pumping rate: 15cc/stroke. Positive Pressure: 7psig at the exhaust port.
Cat#: 402002.
Hand operated Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump - Equitron Variable Drive 2mbar
Ideal for rotary vacuum evaporation, filtration, gel drying, chemical analysis and general laboratory use.
  • Variable drive for smooth control of vacuum.
  • Built-in PID controller for excellent regulation.
  • Valveless control, oil less vacuum pump, mercury less sensor, noise-less operation.
  • Built-in glass separator supplied as standard. Glass vacuum trap (cold trap type) available as option with necessary rod & clamps.
  • Slow & steady control of vacuum with control accuracy of 3 mbar.
  • Absolute vacuum sensor.
  • PTFE coated diaphragm, head and valve made of inert plastics.
  • Simultaneous display of set and actual vacuum.
  • Ultimate Vacuum of 2 mbar, Air displacement 21 lit/min.
  • In/out nozzles of 9.5mm.
  • Use of vapour / vacuum trap is highly recommended (available as option).

Cat#: 9075.CVT.V02. Vacuum Pump, EQUIVAC. PTFE diaphragm, Variable Drive with inbuilt controller, 2mbar, with glass vapour trap.

Equitron Vacuum Pump 2mbar


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