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Rotary Vacuum Evaporators
The Roteva is an Unbeatable Choice for a Rotary Evaporator.

- Motorised Lift.
- Provision for manual lift, in case of power failure.
- Minimum height adjustable stopper.

- Proven PTFE / GLASS sealing mechanism.
- Adjustable at any convenient angle.
- 30 to 270 RPM.
- Digital RPM indicator.

- Oil cum Water Bath.
- Independent safety cut-out set at 190C.
- Floating overshoot 10°C above set point.
- Temperature range up to 180°C.
- Clear bottom, easy to clean.
- Efficient insulation. Inner & outer vessel of SS.
- Evaporating flask: From 50 ml to 3000 ml.
- PID controller with display for set & actual temp.
- Replaceable heater.

- Threaded safety on all utilities joint.
- Continuous feed for higher volume distillations.
- Options of six glass sets for different applications.
- PTFE feed stopcock (unbreakable & interchangeable)

Roteva advantages:

  • Uniquely designed condenser support enables smooth and snug fitting of all Glassware sets.
  • Effortless flask ejector. No more jammed flask.
  • Digital Vapour Sensor is available as an option.

The newy designed Roteva has the following additional advantages:

  • Its low profile design gives confidence and ease in operation.
  • Its electronics is advanced and user friendly with better control with feedback.
  • Its fabrication encompasses hydraulic pressed items, to deliver a compact footprint in all stainless steel and non corrosive material.
  • Glass blowing technology at its best with flawless & interchangeability of parts.
  • Smooth flowing design enables a compact footprint and a welcome addition to the laboratory.

Choice of Glass Sets
(D) Diagonal (V) Vertical
(C) Cold Trap (E) Extra Cooling

Cat#: 8763.RD0.000. ROTEVA-63 series Rotary Evaporator, with Diagonal Glass Set.
Cat#: 8763.RV0.000. ROTEVA-63 series Rotary Evaporator, with Vertical Glass Set.
Cat#: 8763.RC0.000. ROTEVA-63 series Rotary Evaporator, with Cold Trap Glass Set.
Cat#: 8763.RE0.000. ROTEVA-63 series Rotary Evaporator, with Extra Cooling Glass Set.

Cat#: 8911.DVS.199. Vapour Temperature Sensor with Digital Indicator.
Cat#: S1038. Base for RB Flask 160mm dia.
Cat#: S1282-8x11.H. Silicon tubing, insulated, for Chiller Water Circulator.

Equitron Roteva Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Equitron Roteva Diagonal Condenser Equitron Roteva Vertical Condenser

Equitron Roteva Cold Trap Condenser Equitron Roteva Extra Cooling

The Ideal partner for all routine rotary vacuum evaporation's at Universities, Colleges, Schools, small to mid size Companies, and as a standby unit.

EVATOR Advantages:
- Spark-less drive unit AC motor with assured speed regulation - 50 to 250 RPM.
- Flask sizes from 100 to 1000 ml.
- Digital Temperature Controller for Water Bath up to 99°C.
- PTFE / GLASS sealing mechanism.
- Smooth, adjustable, maintenance free and user friendly single lever manual lift.

Construction / Standard Features:
Seamless Stainless Steel Round Bath inner vessel.
Vertical Glass Set with 1000 ml B29 Evaporating Flask & 1000 ml S35 Receiving Flask, B29 plastic C Clip & S35 Ball Joint Clip.
Flask ejector for easy removal of evaporating flask.

Cat#: #EV11. EVATOR Rotary Evaporator.

Equitron Evator Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Accessories for Roteva & Evator

Chilled Water Circulator - 4 ltr
Equitron Vacuum Pump, 2 mbar, PTFE diaphragm, Variable drive
Equitron Vacuum Pump, 20 mbar, PTFE coated diaphragm
Brand Sh Vacuum Pumps, Oil free, Teflon Diaphragm, Chemical resistant

Vacuum Controller - Digital
Enhance solvent recovery to more than 90%.
Compatible with any laboratory vacuum source. Inert gas port for aeration.
Evacuation: Fine tuning by a special valve for better control.
Use of solvent trap is highly recommended (available as option).
Control accuracy: ±2 mm of Hg.
Automatic barometric correction.

Cat#: #8920.DVC.XHG. Vacuum Controller Digital, 0-760 mm of Hg.

Equitron Vacuum Controller Digital

Vacuum Controller - Analog
Use of a Vacuum Regulator with a suitable vacuum pump enhances solvent recoveries to above 90%.
Ideal partner for EVATOR.
Easy readout with large analogue dial; Range 0 to 760 mm/Hg.
Compatible with any laboratory vacuum source.

Cat#: #8925.REG.760. Vacuum Regulator - Analogue.

Equitron Vacuum Controller Analog

Vacuum Trap
Used for trapping uncondensed solvent vapours prior to vacuum source and / or controller.
Suitable for chilling with dry ice or any other cryogenic mixture.
Highly recommended for all kinds of vacuum source & controllers.
Made of Borosilicate glass.

Cat#: #8841.CT0.000. Vacuum Trap.

Equitron Vacuum Trap

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