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Equitron Equitron
Water Baths
EQUIBATH - Refrigerated Circulating Bath
Equibath provides heating and cooling. Eliminates all the unwieldiness and hassles of using a separate Bath & Chiller. Built in circulator, pumps to external devices. It offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for the most demanding applications. Quiet operation. Wide operating range. Extremely compact single unit - saves bench / floor space.

Construction: Crevice free stainless die pressed vessel. Stainless steel polished top.

Standard Features:
Temperature Range -10°C to +120°C.
PID Temperature Controller with Soak Timer
. Resolution 0.1°C.
Control Accuracy of ±0.1°C for water and ±0.2°C for oil.
High Temperature safety cut-out - self resetting type.
Excellent stirring enables uniformity better than 0.2°C.
Two bright LED Displays for process temperature and set temperature/time.
Powerful external pumping @ 9.0 lit/min.

Cat# Model Tank Capacity Bath Opening
8506 Equibath 6Ltr (Table Top) 6 Ltr 145 x 150 mm
8520 Equibath 20Ltr (Floor Standing) 20 Ltr 300 x 300 mm

Equitron Refrigerated Circulating Bath Equitron Refrigerated Circulating Bath

Equitron Chilled Water Circulator
EQUITRON Chilled Water Circulator 4L is ideal for chilling and condensing operations for Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Viscosity Tests, Spectrophotometry, Water Baths (upto 28 lit). The 25L is ideal for production requirements, 20L Rotary Evaporators, Blister Pack Machines, etc.
  • Hermetically sealed environment friendly CFC free compressor.
  • Built-in coolant reservoir.
  • Built-in pump.
  • Built in Digital Temperature Controller - 1°C resolution.
  • Suitable for closed loop systems.
  • Four sturdy castors for easy manouverability.

Cat#: 8502.ROT.CC0. Chilled Water Circulator - 4L, 700W at 15°C capacity. Tank: 4L. Pump: 15 LPM at zero head.
Cat#: 8502.025.000. Chilled Water Circulator - 25L, 2500W at 15°C capacity. Tank: 25L. Pump: 10 LPM at 15m head.

Equitron Chilled Water Circulator - 4L

Equitron WATER BATH - Stirred
An elegant and neat Digitally controlled Water Bath. With a Microprocessor based digital controller. With Pt100 sensor. Controller Resolution: 0.1°C. A stirrer provides continuous circulation inside the tank for even temperature. Stainless Steel tank, with SS controller box.

Available Sizes:
Cat# Tank Capacity, Size Temperature range, Accuracy Lid
8405 5 lit., 30 x 15 x 15cm ambient+5°C to 90°C, ±0.1°C Flat Lid
8414 14 lit., 32 x 30 x 15cm ambient+5°C to 95°C, ±0.1°C Optional
8428 28 lit., 50 x 30 x 20cm ambient+5°C to 95°C, ±0.2°C Optional

Also available:

  • Inbuilt external pumping facility to pump bath water to an external instrument.
  • Chiller, upto 5°C.
  • Gabled Lids for 8414 and 8428.
  • Concentric Rings Lids for 8414 and 8428.
  • Plastic-coated Lead Rings to weigh down Conical Flasks.
Equitron Stirred Water Bath 5Ltr
Equitron Stirred Water Bath 14Ltr

Equitron WATER BATH - Shaking
Completely Stainless Steel construction. With a digital control of bath temperature and shaking speed. The special feature of this bath is that shaking speed does not vary, even when the heater switches on and off. Supplied with one removable tray for 6 flasks of 250ml.

Cat#: 8406. Equitron Shaking Water Bath.

Equitron Shaking Water Bath

Equitron WATER BATH - Serological
An excellent water bath for serological studies in labs.
Fully stainless steel construction, including bottom, makes it GMP standard & total rust proof.
Compact design and superior temperature control are some of the plus points of this unit.
Optional Gabled lid of stainless steel, specially designed so that the condensate drips on sides.
NEW: Now also available with Digital Controller cum Indicator - 1°C resolution. Easy to set & use - direct digital setting & readout.
Temperature Range: Ambient + 5 to 65°C.

Water Baths - Serological
Type Thermostat Digital Gabled Lid
SS Tank 27x13x12cm 6701TH 6701DI 6901
SS Tank 30x27x12cm 6721TH 6721DI 6921

Equitron Serological Water Bath
Equitron Serological Water Bath Digital

Equitron WATER BATH - Serological, Acrylic
  • Double jointed Acrylic body for leak proof construction - provides full visibility of samples.
  • Special design body for ±0.5°C control accuracy.
  • Temperature range ambient +5°C to 60°C.
  • Supplied with thermometer & clip.
  • SS rust proof control panel construction.
  • Energy efficient top suspending tubular heater.

Cat#: 6700TH. Equitron Serological Water Bath Acrylic. Size: 32.5 x 12.5 x 13cm. Tank Capacity: 5 Ltr.

Equitron Serological Water Bath Acrylic

Equitron WATER BATH - Concentric Ring
A general purpose boiling water bath. The top lid is provided with concentric rings for easy placement of flasks, etc. Construction is Stainless Steel. With Digital Control of temperature.
Temperature Range: Ambient+5°C to 100°C. Digital Controller has an accuracy of ±1°C.
Cat# Capacity Bath Size
6806DI 6 Holes 30x20x10cm
6812DI 12 Holes 40x30x10cm
6821DI 24 Holes 60x40x10cm
Equitron Concentric Ring Water Bath

Equitron ROUND OIL BATHS - Clear Bottom Series
A clear bottom. A uniquely designed Bath. Ensures no heater burn out due to lack of water.
A state of the art PID Controller with timer ensures a fully automatic control over the process, freeing manpower for other more productive work.
A floating overshoot alarm.
An absolute over-temperature alarm with auto cut off.
Results reproducible because full cycle is automatic, requiring no human intervention.
Double walled, internal and external chamber full stainless steel construction.
External Body oven baked epoxy finished. Insulated handles on sides for easy handling.
Digital electronic PID controller with following parameters programmable by user: Temperature range: ambient up to 300°C (oil). Time: up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.
Pt100 Sensor for precise monitoring.
A floating overshoot alarm set 5°C above set point.
Absolute over temperature alarm - audio - with auto cut off.
End cycle visual indication with heater cut off.
Industrial grade long life special heaters for efficient transfer of heat.
Cat# Round Flask Capacity Bath Size dia x depth
8481CBPO 1 lit. 165 x 90 mm
8483CBPO 3 lit. 230 x 130 mm
8485CBPO 5 lit. 260 x 150 mm
8490CBPO 10 lit. 350 x 200 mm


  • Cat#: 8690C7. Lid, with concentric rings for 10 Ltr. 75mm dia. x 7 holes
  • Cat#: 8470. Stirrer, for 10 Ltr.
  • Cat#: S0771-220x5. Silicon Oil, 220CTSK. 5kg/can.
Equitron Round Bath - PID

Equitron ROUND OIL BATHS - Immersion Series, Digital
Double walled construction with efficient insulation system.
Bath chamber of stainless steel.
Outer body and control panel of MS duly finished in heat cured epoxy coating.
On/Off switch and pilot lamp indication for mains and heater.
Stainless Steel immersion heater - peripheral shape to eliminate direct contact with flask - even if flask touches the bottom.
Digital Controller. Range: Ambient +10 to 250°C.
Cat# Round Flask Capacity Bath Size dia x depth
8481ISDWO 1 lit. 165 x 90 mm
8483ISDWO 3 lit. 230 x 130 mm
8485ISDWO 5 lit. 260 x 150 mm
8490ISDWO 10 lit. 350 x 200 mm
8492ISDWO 20 lit. 450 x 300 mm


  • Cat#: 8690C7. Lid, with concentric rings for 10 Ltr. 75mm dia. x 7 holes
  • Cat#: 8470. Stirrer, for 10 Ltr.
  • Cat#: S0771-220x5. Silicon Oil, 220CTSK. 5kg/can.
Equitron Round Bath - Immersion Series Digital

Equitron Round Bath - Lid for 10 Lit.

Equitron DRY BATHS
Ideal for preservation & reaction of samples, amplification of DNA, pre-denaturation of the electrophoresis, blood serum coagulation in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial settings.

Equipped with microprocessor based controller for accurate control and regulates the high wattage heater to provide rapid heating. Two temperature control segments. Sample block easily removable for cleaning or replacement. Easy user calibration.

Precise microprocessor control. 32 characters alpha-numeric LCD display for temperature & time. Metal module blocks to avoid product pollution. End of cycle buzzer and heater cut-off. Timer range : 1min ~99h 59min.
NB: Blocks to be ordered separately.

Dry Baths
Cat# Product Temperature Range Accuracy
8550.1.H100 Dry bath (Incubator) Ambient+5°C to 100°C ±0.3°C
8551.1.C-10 Dry bath, with Cooling (Incubator) -10°C to 100°C ±0.3°C
Dry Bath Blocks
Cat# Type Capacity
#8580.96 x 0.2 A 96 x 0.2ml
#8580.54 x 0.5 B 54 x 0.5ml
#8580.35 x 1.5 C 35 x 1.5ml
#8580.35 x 2.0 D 35 x 2.0ml

Equitron Dry Bath
Equitron Dry Bath Blocks

Equitron Accessories for Water Baths
A pack of float balls for containing evaporation loss. These balls will form a movable and flexible layer that facilitate easy removal and placement of test tubes racks, flasks, bottles, etc. without the hassles of opening and closing a lid.
Cat#: 6990. Float Ball Pack. Pack of 50 Balls.

Moulded Lead Rings to stabilize glassware immersed in Water Baths.
Reduces breakage & chemical spills due to floating.
Plastic coating is general chemical resistant and will not scratch flasks.
Cat#: 6955. Weight Rings for Conical Flasks - 150 to 1000 ml. Pack of 10 rings

Equitron Water Bath Float Balls
Equitron Water Bath Weight Rings

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