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Water Stills
Equitron WATER STILL - Stainless Steel
Completely SS, Compact Model, Upright. Can be kept on the Table Top or mounted on a wall. Press fit condenser & boiling chamber - easily openable for daily cleaning. With input water flow meter to accurately control the flow of water. NEW: With special water level control and Thermostat cut-off for low water. With a baffle for improved water quality.

Cat#: 7655M. Output: 4 litres per hour.

Equitron Water Still

Riviera Water Still - All Glass, Horizontal type
Designed to provide high purity, pyrogen-free, distilled water, suitable for use in all types of laboratory applications. Horizontal Type. Electrically heated with built-in ceramic heater. Thermostat cut off in case of low water level. Complete with Stand, Tubings, etc. Use 2 units in series for Double Distilled Water

Cat#: 7220115. Borosilicate Glass. Output: 1.5 Ltrs / hr.

Water Still All Glass

Riviera Water Still - All Quartz, Single & Double
Vertical Panel mounted. With Built-in Quartz Heater.

Cat# Type Output
7222025 Single Distillation. 2.5 Ltrs/Hr.
72240010 Double Distillation. 1.0 Ltrs/Hr.
72240015 Double Distillation. 1.5 Ltrs/Hr.
72240025 Double Distillation. 2.5 Ltrs/Hr.

Optional Accessories:
Electronic Dual Cut-off: With audio Alarm having thermostatic level control for preventing breakage of boiler and coil. For Quartz Double Dist. only. Cat#: 72250000.

Water Still All Quartz

De-Ioniser 'CA' Portable Two Bed
High Capacity Cation and Anion Resins.
In-built pre-filter, easily portable.
Easy to operate. Can be connected direct to water-tap.
Simple periodic regeneration.
Fitted with Conductivity Meter.

Cat#: CA30. Max. Output: 30 Ltrs/Hr.
Cat#: CA50. Max. Output: 50 Ltrs/Hr.
Cat#: CA100. Max. Output: 100 Ltrs/Hr.
Higher capacities also available.

Deioniser Two Bed

Optional Accessories for all Water Stills
Water Softener: Cat#: 72250000.
Reverse Osmosis Unit: 5 Stage Purification. (Type 3 Laboratory Grade Water). Capacity: 10 Ltrs/Hr. Cat#: 72270000.


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