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Tarsons Cryo Vials
Material: PP. Radiation Sterilised.
Tarsons Cryo Vials are leak-proof, screw cap, self-standing (skirted) vials. Each vial has a marking area and printed graduations. Suitable for use in vapour phase of liquid nitrogen.

Cat#: Capacity ml. Packing
523010. 1.0 1000
523020. 1.8 1000
523030. 4.5 500

Tarsons Cryo Vial

Tarsons Cryo Box
Material: PC.
Tarsons Cryo Boxes are the most popular choice for storage of Cryo Vials. Sturdy and durable. Boxes are gridded to store individual vials. Lid is marked with numbers. Box and lid are notched so that lid can fit only one way.

Cat#: Places Capacity ml. Packing
524000. 25 1.0 & 1.8 8
524010. 81 1.0 & 1.8 4
524030. 81 4.5 4

Tarsons Cryo Box

Tarsons Cryo Cube Box
Material: PP. Autoclavable.
These stackable boxes are designed for storage of sample up to -90°C. The lid is connected to the box base by hinges and a lock on the front of the lid prevents accidental opening of these boxes in the deep freezers.
The boxes accomodate 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 ml micro tubes and 1.0 and 1.8ml Cryo Vials.

Cat#: Places Capacity ml. Packing
202060. 50 1.8 8
202070. 100 1.8 4
212060. 81 1.8 4

Tarsons Cryo Cube Box

Tarsons Cryo Box - 100
Material: PC.
This Cryo Box is suitable for storage of internally threaded vials or similar size externally threaded vials in ultra low temperatures. Transparent cover permits viewing. Not suitable for Tarsons Cryo Vials.

Cat#: 524020. Places: 100. Capacity: 1 or 1.8 ml. Packing: 4.

Tarsons Cryo Box 100

Tarsons Cryo Box Rack
Material: PC.
These racks are moulded in Polycarbonate for excellent low temperature service. They have small foot print and are used for multi level inventory for tiered accomodation of Cryo Boxes. Ideal for bench top use, transportation and freezer storage.
Accomodates Tarsons Code: 524010, 524020, 524040, 524060 and 524070.

Cat#: Size: l x b x h cm Places Packing
524031. 14x14x30 4 Boxes 2
524034. 14x14x60 8 Boxes 2
524032. 14x14x7 1 Box 1

Tarsons Cryo Box Rack

Tarsons Cryo Rack
Material: PC.
Moulded in Polycarbonate, this open rack holds 50 vials of any capacity.

Cat#: 241050. Cryo Rack. 50 places.

Tarsons Cryo Rack

Tarsons Cryo Coders
Material: PS.
Cryo Coders are available in four different colours. Very useful for identifying different batches of samples. Fits in lid of Cryo Vial and can be removed when required.

Cat#: Colour: Packing
523110. White 100
523120. Blue 100
523130. Red 100
523140. Yellow 100

Tarsons Cryo Colour Coder

Tarsons Cryo Gloves
Tarsons Cryo Gloves
These Gloves have superior thermal protection for hand and arm protection in ultra cold environments, like Ultra Low Freezers, Cold Rooms, handling of dry ice, etc.

Cat#: Description Packing
371010. Wrist S 1 Pair
371020. Wrist M 1 Pair
371030. Wrist L 1 Pair
371040. Wrist XL 1 Pair
371050. Mid Arm S 1 Pair
371060. Mid Arm M 1 Pair
371070. Mid Arm L 1 Pair
371080. Mid Arm XL 1 Pair
371090. Elbow S 1 Pair
371100. Elbow M 1 Pair
371110. Elbow L 1 Pair
371120. Elbow XL 1 Pair

Tarsons Cryo Gloves Water Proof
These water proof gloves are comfortable when working in cryogenic atmosphere for extended periods and protect from splashes of liquid nitrogen. Application: LN2 atmospheres and environment, Refrigerated Liquids Bath, Cryo Freezers, Cryogenic Grinding.

Cat#: Description Packing
381010. Wrist S 1 Pair
381020. Wrist M 1 Pair
381030. Wrist L 1 Pair
381040. Wrist XL 1 Pair
381050. Mid Arm S 1 Pair
381060. Mid Arm M 1 Pair
381070. Mid Arm L 1 Pair
381080. Mid Arm XL 1 Pair
381090. Elbow S 1 Pair
381100. Elbow M 1 Pair
381110. Elbow L 1 Pair
381120. Elbow XL 1 Pair

Tarsons Cryo Apron
Cryo Apron provides warmth and splash protection for torso and legs. Has adjustable strap at neck and waist with side release buckles for quick on/off. Application: Cold Room, Walk in Freezers, Blast Freezers, Delivery and filling of Cryogenic liquid.

Cat#: Length: Packing
391010. 36" 1
391020. 42" 1
391030. 48" 1
391040. 54" 1

Tarsons Cryo Apron

Tarsons Cryo Babies and Cryo Tags
These labels withstand conventional and cryogenic storage conditions. They withstand boiling water baths at 100°C and dry heat up to 150°C without degrading.

Cat#: 526070. Cryo Babies. Size: 32.5 x 12.7 mm. 1000 labels / pkt.
Cat#: 523090. Cryo Tags. Size: 38 x 19 mm. 1000 labels / pkt.

Tarsons Cryo Tags

Tarsons Ice Bucket
Durable rigid ice bucket is unbreakable in normal use. Excellent insulating properties, suitable for use with liquid nitrogen, dry-ice, water-ice and salt solution. With lid.

Cat#: 525070. Ice Bucket. Capacity: 4.5 lts.

Tarsons Ice Bucket

Tarsons Ice Tray
Durable rigid ice trays are unbreakable in normal use. Excellent insulating properties, suitable for use with liquid nitrogen, dry-ice, water-ice and salt solution. Without lids.

Cat#: Capacity: Packing
525080. 600 ml. 2
525090. 2500 ml. 1
525100. 6000 ml. 1

Tarsons Ice Trays

Tarsons Cryo 1°C Cooler
Material: PP/PC.
Used for cell cryopreservation and recovery, this cooler gives -1°C/min cooling rate for 18 cryovials of 1 or 1.8ml. The cooler needs 100% isopropyl alcohol and mechanical freezer.

Cat#: 525000. Cryo 1°C Cooler. Capacity: 18 places of 1ml or 1.8ml

Tarsons Cryo Cooler

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